For a Stable Ride

Because it is factory assembled and factory exact, your customers can expect its built-in performance features to consistently deliver better-than-new road control and riding comfort. Premium is specially designed to compensate for the accumulated wear and tear on other parts of the suspension system. So it will provide a better ride and better steering.

Premium Series

44(13) Series
Shock Absorber (Except 136 Series)

63 Series
MacPherson Strut Type

66 Series
Strut Cartridge Type


For a Quality Ride

Patented valving plus pressurized nitrogen gas account for riding comfort and, at the same time, dramatically reduce the aeration or foaming that commonly occur in shock absorber and cause its performance to start fading, even after only a few minutes in operation. Preferable for the customers who want to feel the difference.

Excel-G Series

34 Series
Gas filled Twin Tube Type

33 Series
Gas filled Twin tube MacPherson Strut Type

36 Series
Gas filled Strut Cartridge Type


Mono tube Shock Absorbers

Because these top quality, automatically adjusting, double- action shock absorbers are relatively new, you’ll find the following helpful in selling customers. The basic secret’s the combination of highly pressurized N2 and an all-weather fluid, which helps minimize bounce and sway to deliver more comfortable rides. Less bounce and sway improves steering cornering. In addition, top road contact means less wear on parts, tires. These features magnify in importance for vehicles with radial tires or those driven extensively, for sports car and performance buffs.

Gas-A-Just Series

55 Series
Gas filled Mono Tube Type


Made to be Punished, Made to Last

You can’t get the best from any shocks unless they are matched to the springs. To optimize the entire suspension package KYB has matched the Skorched4’s industry leaders King Springs’ range of coil and leaf springs, resulting in Skorched 4’s having exactly the right rebound and compression ratios in both standard and 50 mm lifted form.

Skorched 4’s also have velocity-sensitive valving so they permit axle articulation as the vehicle eases over rocks at low speeds, yet harden up to provide a flatter stance around high-speed corners to combat body roll and nosedive under hard braking. There’s even a little extra articulation as the skorched 4’s are longer than the OEM shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers take a pounding as heavy 4WD travel for hours on corrugated outback track, often at high temperatures. Even though the occupants may barely feel the bumps the shocks are working overtime, and the means heat buildup that will see a sub-standard shock absorber quickly fade and become dangerous. KYB’s solution is a twin-tube design with a large-diameter 35 mm piston, which means a greater oil volume and a slower heat buildup.

But the robust design doesn’t end there. There’s also a desert-tough 16 mm hardened-chrome rod for superior side-loa strength, a four-step top seal to keep dirt out and the oil in, seamless cylinders and eye rings to eliminate weak points. In other words, this is one shock built to perform, and made to last.


Ultimate Performance
on the Road

Ultra SR is specially designed for excellent driving stability with maximum safety for the ambitious sports driver with high demands on road handling.

Ultra SR Series

24 Series
Gas filled Mono Tube Type

32 Series
Gas filled MacPherson Strut Type

35 Series
Gas filled Twin Tube Type

37 Series
Gas filled Strut Cartridge Type


Manually Adjustable Shocks,
Struts, and Cartridges

KYB AGX Adjustable Gas Shocks allow drivers to adjust damping to match specific driving conditions.

AGX Series

72 Series
Gas filled Mono Tube Type

73 Series
Gas filled MacPherson Strut Type

74 Series
Gas filled Twin Tube Type

76 Series
Gas filled Strut Cartridge Type


Feel Sport Driving, Focusing on the ride comfort

Dependably improving the basic performance of “Run”, “Turn”, and “Stop” in any car.

The New SR Special offers improved damping characteristics while ensuring the quality, structural reliability and safety of a genuine shock absorber. It not only improves straight-line stability but also boosts your car stability and compliance in the corners. Furthermore, the New SR Special significantly improves the “Break effect” In fact, the New SR SPECIAL is a formidable weapon, delivering a comprehensive enhancement of the basic “Run”, “Turn” and “stop” Performance in any car.

KYB suspension tuning experts perform full vehicle testing for New SR shock absorbers and determine the optimal suspension characteristic for different car models.

We also make change(s) to the specifications of the original shock absorbers, such as increasing the cylinder diameter, if such change(s) are possible to make and are considered necessary for performance purposes.


The Lowering suspension ensure
excellent driving performance.

KYB developed the lowfer Sports Series, which is designed specially and primarily for minivans and station wagon with aftermarket lowered suspensions of the same designs as the original suspensions.

Today, KYB also offers this series for use with many passenger car models. When used in cars with lowering springs, the Lowfer Sports shock absorbers can help the suspension demonstrate its true performance.

For certain types of cars, KYB also develops and provides lowering springs, which are ideally suited for use with the Lowfer Sports shock absorbers.


The suspension must evolve together with the advance of high-end sedans. Extage: A new beacon for premium shock absorbers.

High-end passenger cars are advancing rapidly today, thanks to power enhancements, increased rigidity, more sophisticated suspension structures and higher tire performance, among others. To accommodate high-end passenger cars, KYB has developed a new series of shock absorbers. Extage is a range of premium shock absorbers to which we have abundantly applied the latest and best cutting-edge technologies in which we take great pride.

Introducing a New, Advanced Value construction.
The internal valve construction determines the kind of mechanism that produces damping-force, and such a mechanism serves as the basic function of a shock absorber. We have completely changed the internal valve construction from the previous model and introduced an all-new valve design specifically for premium cars (i.e., the mono-tube type).

Multi-level (32-Level) Adjustment for Damping-Force to meet a wide range of driver needs.
KYB has introduced a feature that makes the damping-force adjustable over 32 levels (for some models, eight levels of adjustment with the rear shock absorber). This new feature makes it possible to choose an optimal setting for the damping-force, which varies according to the tires used and the kind of ride desired.


Meeting the needs of all drivers,
An Ultimate answer for KYB

Friction control in the ultra-low speed range, achieved through the use of DLC (Diamond-Like carbon), provides the ultimate settings desired by every driver who wants a reduced lap time on the circuit. A high-level roll balance ensures car behavior that is perfectly in sync with turn-in action, allowing the driver to experience a direct grip fell and excellent damping compliance. These circuit-worthy features are truly representative of KYB’s flagship models for the motor-sports enthusiast.